December 2016

    Well, we’re coming up to our last Jazz Club Meeting of the year and it’s been another great year of High Sierra Jazz, good food, good fellowship and all around fun. After all, these four spell the purpose Stan Huddlestonof our Club from the beginning, forty-three years ago; can you believe it? We four rhythm guys were there in the beginning and are still enjoying our relationship to the Band just as much, if not more, than at the be-ginning. We’ve obviously seen changes in the Band makeup, but the sound pretty much remains the same…..we keep getting compliments on our play-ing from our friends as well as those who hear us for the first time.

    September Jazz Club was a special one in that we celebrated our upcoming fortieth anniversary (some prefer the word “Birthday”); they both mean the same, don’t ya know? Again, we had hot dogs and all the fix’ins, prepared by our won-derful friends at the Gateway Restaurant. This time we had cake with the picture of the Band and “40th Anniversary” written across the top and bottom of the picture. The whole Band was present for this special moment in time. And as was explained by Pieter from the bandstand, the rhythm section, Bruce, Charlie, Earl and me were charter members way back in Octo-ber, 1976.
    To commemorate our 40 years, we were coming out with our first CD album in at least four years. And ap-propriately enough it is called “40 Years and Count-ing”, The High Sierra Jazz Band playing hot jazz. We didn’t have them ready for sale for Jazz Club, but will
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    “There is usually ample variety and amount of favorite foods for all comers“
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    September 2016
    have them for our December meeting. And by the way, if you don’t know al-ready, the meeting will be on Saturday, December 10th at one (1:00) o’clock, when music begins and will continue until about 2:30 or so, then the Band will take a break and we will all line up for the fabulous pot luck luncheon. You must know that for it to be fabulous, each of us must bring our favorite “finger food” so as to share with all the other finger foods. There is usually ample varie-ty and amount of favorite foods for all comers. And of course there is no charge for this meal.
    Our teen friends, the Reedley River Rats, will be at Club to play before High Sierra and at intermission. Don’t worry, we will all leave enough food for the Band members to eat, once they’ve finished performing. In effect they’ll be playing for their food. We’re al-ways glad to have them join us. If you don’t know already, the Club has sponsored several of the RRR band members to Jazz Camp last summer and we’ve received good reports from each of the attendees. Their teacher/ director, Sam Gipson, thanks the Club for sponsoring the several Band members that attended. I once explained to Sam that spon-soring youth is one of the Club’s major emphasis. I know he appreciates the Club’s history of giving.
    This is my message for now and I would like to wish one and all a wonderful Christmas Season and an especially great new year. I also want to thank the Board for their support and their continuing optimistic feeling for this Jazz Club and its projects, especially Jazzaffair……until next year.

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